African Business Groups

Introducing the African Business Group

The African Business Group network evolved out of a 2012 research study commissioned by the Business Council for Africa to map Diaspora business groups in the UK, creating partnerships with those that share our mission to encourage good business and trade in Africa. Six leading organisations were invited to take part in the initial Diaspora Initiative, which has since developed to include the Africa networks of leading business schools and multinational companies in our African Business Group Network.

Africa 2.0 is a Pan-African Civil Society organization that consists of young and emerging leaders from Africa and the Diaspora who share a collective vision for Africa and a commitment to finding and implementing sustainable solutions, which will in turn leapfrog the development of the continent. Their purpose is to influence thoughtful change in Africa by bringing together thinkers and actors from the private sector and civil society to develop and implement practical, creative strategies that will produce positive outcomes for millions of Africans.

Afrimari an international network of professionals. It is a platform for the future leaders of our industry to gather, enhancing the efficient dissemination of accurate and up-to-date information on regulatory and commercial issues. The core mission of the group is to share industry knowledge and lend expertise to members. Afrimari is fast establishing itself as a key contact to the industry on all things related to Maritime, Trade and Energy when dealing with Africa, the new global frontier.

Amaka Ya Bwingi specialises in the capacity building conferences for Zambian Diaspora and potential investors with interest in Zambia. Amaka Ya Bwingi is able to provide a platform for start-up business and existing business to foster growth through partnership. The networks of Zambians in the Diaspora are linked back to Zambia the mainland for more core business development. Amaka Ya Bwingi invites experts in a particular field to speak to the participants and also attending businesses are given a platform to pitch their businesses. They have previously hosted the government agencies and the private sector from both the United Kingdom and Zambia.

Star 100 is a Ghana-focused network of professionals based in London, with over 1000 registered members in the United Kingdom and United States. Star 100 provides opportunities for members to network for social and business purposes, develop their personal and career skills, learn about Ghana and give back to Ghana.

The Zimbabwe Business Network (ZBN) was established in 2010 as an initiative to connect Zimbabwean Businesses and Professional worldwide in a bid to encourage and stimulate business and drive investment by providing opportunities for members to connect businesses with potential investors. ZBN aim to become the platform for positive trade and investment to encourage private sector led development, connecting businesses worldwide – and to encourage exclusive bilateral business and investment activities amongst Zimbabwean businesses.