Our Team

Karen Taylor has had more than twenty years experience in the trade exhibitions industry with a reputation for successfully managing both private and public companies. Well versed in senior management of the venue and organising sectors of the events and exhibitions industry. 

Alex Lambeth

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Lambeth joined Business Council for Africa in 2016 as Chief Operating Officer. From 2012 to 2015 Alex was a Director at British Expertise International, where he led the organisation’s activities on Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. Alex has particular interests in sustainable development and infrastructure. 

Susan Jones

Events Co-ordinator/Office Manager

Susan Jones was born in Sydney, Australia. She spent her formative years in the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe. She subsequently worked in Tenerife and Zimbabwe, and the last 30 years between South Africa and the UK. Before joining Business Council for Africa, Susan worked in the Consumer Finance Industry within the Prime and Sub Prime sectors and in the Logistics/Courier industry. 

Saba Ismail

Partnerships Manager

Saba graduated in Accounting and Finance at Kingston University and previously worked at several accounting firms as an Accounting Assistant. Her passion lies in the development of a sustainable financial and economic model for African trade. 

George Arnold

Business Development Manager

George joined the BCA full-time in May 2016 as the Business Development Manager, having recently completed an MSc from the London School of Economics in International History, where he specialised in southern-African history. George has a particular interest in the private sector’s role in creating sustainable economic development as well as the region’s agricultural sector.